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Saturday, January 9, 2010

What is this??? (2)

Other activities going on in the lab.....

An old ruined house in the foreground, a stone wall all around and a small wood just behind.

There's a bend in a muddy road in the lower right corner, and some bushes here and there.

Oh, and also a pit in front of the ruins.

The same scene from behind the wood.
Here the pit is more visibile, as a steep slope right to its side...

And finally, an aerial view of the area, showing the star-shaped stone wall....

But... wait!

What is that yellow square with a red question mark on it?

It seems out of place in this pics.

Did you notice anything else? :)


  1. ACW skirmish! That's cool! I got some 15mm Union from Old Glory that have been dying to be used for something.

  2. Could be..... ;-)
    What level in your opinion?

    Stay tuned!

  3. I would truly enjoy a good ACW skirmish set. I would like to see a set emphasising command at trhe regimental level: deploying skirmish companies, maneuvering into line, filling gaps, etc. Keep us informed of your progress!

  4. Steven,
    I started playtesting the game portrayed in the pics, which is Company level. You'll have 50-60 soldiers at your command. A Captain, 2-3 Lieutenants, 4 Sergeants, 8 Corporals and a variable number of enlisted men. I am determined to emphasize exactly the features you mentioned, but still with a manageable number of pieces to play in 1,5 hours. So you're on target :)

  5. I must confess that I've only just found out about Song of Drums and Shakos through this excellent website, and as a result I am painting up a couple of British and French (400 pt) forces in 15mm.

    I'm delighted to see your attention 'may' be turning to ACW as well though as I have a rather hefty ACW 15mm lead mountain that I also need some encouragement to.

    Please keep the blog running, as it'll help me keep painting :-)

  6. Blaxkleric
    happy to keep you busy :)
    Let me know how SDS plays with bases instead of single miniatures..

  7. These pictures clearly show that those Yankees are going to kick some Rebel butt! :-)

    Nice work. Love your products!