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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Drums & Shakos Large Battles

Pushed by some interest from the Yahoo Group, I opened the drawer where the last version (4.0) of my Divisional level rules were sleeping since last april.
Reading again the rules I wrote after 6 months was a strange but positive experience. I asked myself why I did not go on, as foundations look very solid.
I decided that - once 61-65 will be finished - I'll definitely close this project and release the game.

Preparing for LUCCA GAMES

As last year, Andrea and me have been invited to Lucca Comics & Games (one of the biggest show of Comics and Games here in South Europe) which will take place in Lucca (Tuscany) from next friday to monday, november 1st. We 'll have a couple of table to demo our games and - for what concerns me - this will be the Italian premiere for "61-65", the company level ACW game I presented for the first time at Origins 2010. In these evenings I am trimming the rules, and my aim is to finish everything within november and then proceed with the translation and editing.
It will be nice to have the game released for Christmas... both in Italian and English.

Link to more pics from Terni

This is one of pics taken in Terni last week end. You can find them in Massimo's blog.
Follow the link to leadaddicted in the links section.

SDS at Mag Con in Texas (december 4-5)

The second edition of Mag Con ( ) will host an SDS table on saturday dec. 4th from 2 to 6 PM: Willy Schweis will be the GM. The Con will be in New Caney, about 30 miles north-east of downtown Houston.
Lately we received a lot of positive feedbacks from Texas, and I am very happy about that.
Justo Perez - the convention Organizer - loved our game and decided to stage a table notwithstanding the tight timing.

I hope to receive pics from Mag-Con!!

SDS demo in Colomiers (France)

Last weekend in Colomiers (France, near Toulouse) there was a big gaming show and our friend Jean made some SDS demo.
For the purpose, he prepared a 60x60 cm table and played with 250 points squads. Above is a pic of the table... The scenario had also 2 peculiar characters: a pig and a cow :)
BTW, Jean was the organizer of both SDS Tournaments in Pau.
Thank you my friend, and keep playing SDS!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Terni Tournament Winners

Here they are: Marco Gasbarri (above) winning with 2555 points and 3 enemy Officers killed. Marco is already Italian DBA Champion for 2010, and now he's trying to win the FIW (Italian Wargames Federation) Cup which takes into account the results from 12 different games.

Carlo Bandini classified second with 1887 points, 3 won and 1 lost. We are very proud of him (he's from my club :)
David Casagrande got the third place with 1673 points and 1 enemy Officer killed, 2 won, 1 lost and 1 draw.
And finally, Paolo Blasi who won a bottle of Chianti wine for classifying "not exactly among the first" :)
Btw, I am the "other guy" in all pics, and you can see Andrea Sfiligoi at the extreme right in second and third pic.
More pics to come, but this time with miniatures!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today's Tournament in Terni (results)

Here are some pics of today's SDS Tournament in Terni, which was won by Marco Gasbarri from Arezzo (above, right - while playing against Filippo, left). Marco won all 3 SDS Tourneys up to now and became Italian Champion of SDS one Tournament ahead. In Perugia next november 14th players will compete for the 2nd and 3rd place only. Congratulations to Marco!

Carlo Bandini from Terni classified second (above in the third round against Marco) but could not stop the Champion from winning.
David (above right, also from Arezzo) finished third, after a draw on the 4th round against Filippo from Florence. In the pic above, he's playing against Massimo from Rome (left).
The Cups for the winners. Tournament started at 10 AM and finished at 5 PM with exactly 1 hour for lunch on the spot (thanks to the catering service which was perfectly on time).
Next (and last) SDS Tournament will be in Perugia, at the CON "Magna con Phersu", on sunday november 14th.
Thanks to al participants!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tournament next Sunday

So in two days (Sunday) the 3rd SDS National Tournament will take place in Terni. After that, we'll have the 4th - and last - 2010 Tournament in Perugia (november 14th) and we'll have an Italian Champion. I have 14 players in my list, but still hope to get more.

For 2011 the plan is to organize at least 6 Tournaments all around Italy, and use the experience of this first Championship to freeze the Tournament rules and translate them into English.
I remind all Italian clubs wishing to organize a tourney, that requests should be addressed to me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Texas invaded! many, very small soldiers with strange hats and long muskets...
LTL has posted on his blog another batrep (take a look at it, it's like a short movie!) of a scenario they played yesterday. He and his friends played SDS for 8 hours using 6mm Baccus miniatures.

Worth looking

Thanks again LTL!

Next sunday in Terni!

Notwithstanding some flue going around, the proximity of other tournaments and Lucca Games Con, I confirm that the Tourney in Terni will regularly take place next sunday.
Keep your muskets loaded!!

Great SDS Batrep (6mm!)

Here is a link to LTL batrep:

I like very much both the idea of a "portable" set in 6mm, and of the comic-style comments in it.
Great job, LTL!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some pics from Antonio

Antonio sent me some pics from a 400 points scenario they played recently, and called "The well". Miniatures are 28mm Front Rank, Victrix and Perry, scenery are custom made, trees by Citadel.
I think here Antonio & his friends used cards for activation (Antonio, let us know!)..
And finally th well was in french hands... Vive l'Empereur!
Thank you for sharing Antonio (and hope to see you in some Tournament soon!).

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Link

I added a new Link in the proper section: it's a link to my friend Massimo new blog (Lead Addicted) where he uncovers details about his next Ganesha game about Gladiators (Ludus Magnus), and reports about SDS and other games they play in Rome.
Enjoy! (and good luck to Massimo)
Below, a preview of the last set of pics he added, with an SDS Big Battle going on...

New Profiles!

In view of the next Tournament in Terni (october 24th) here are some new - Official - profiles:

French Marines of the Imperial Guard
Officer Q2 C2 Sword, pistol - Leader 75 points
NCO Q3 C3 Sword, musket - NCO 66 points
Marine Q3 C3 Sword, musket - none 50 points
Drummer Q3 C1 Sword - Musician 22 points

Italian Light Infantry
Voltigeur Q4 C2 Musket - Light Elan Marksman 50 points
Carabinier Q4 C2 Musket - Light Elan Strong 48 points

British Heavy Cavalry
Officer Q2 C3 Sword - Leader Fear Mounted 123 points

Prussian & Russian Guard
Officer Q2 C2 Sword, pistol - Leader 75 points
NCO Q3 C3 Sword, musket - NCO 66 points

... and 2 ERRATA
British Line Infantry Grenadier Company Q4 C2 Musket - Strong 32 points
Wurttemberg Jaeger Q4 C2 Rifle - Elan Light 47 points

these profiles will be included in version 2.2.3b of the Tournament Rules.

SYW in Berlin

October 2010 seems to be the Month of Germany :)
Here are some pics from Berlin of a SYW (house rules) battle played with SDS rules.
A volley is fired....
An isolated defender comes out from the tents to defend himself.
Well done my friends! Wunderbar