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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pics from Milan Tournament (March 20th)

Thanks to the friends of X Legio Gemina (organizers of the Tournament) I can show you some pics. They are all close up on the miniatures, so we can appreciate the painting quality. Above, three French Voltigeurs firing from behind a wall.
Some French Light Infantry in a sort of column, about to turn around the corner of a building.
Not 100% sure about the nationality of those guys above..... suggestions? (Voltigeurs of the Polish Vistula Legion?).
A French Line Infantry Officer ordering the Drummer to beat the "Pas de charge"..
A clash between Russian Pavlov and Grenadiers against..... Italian Light Infantry (or Provisional Croatians?).
And finally a Group of Austrian Grenadiers. Thank you for sharing X Legio!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Modena last sunday

This is me, proudly showing my "Staff" t-shirt....
It's a proof I was there (someone was in doubt :).....

Monday, March 28, 2011

First time ever of my new terrain from Baueda!

In Modena I used for the first time in a Convention my new 90x90 terrain made by Baueda ( I must thank Claudio for the fantastic job done: all players who passed by stopped to ask me about the terrain!
The terrain is made of textile, with some sort of flexible material on top. Then it is hand painted and flocked to a very realistic level of finishing. And you can fold it without problems!
So now, instead of bringing along a 90x90 wooden table (space and weight!) I just have to carry a 100cm. tube with me...

More pics from PLAY2011 Modena

I must say I was positively impressed by the event. PLAY is just at its second edition, but it's very promising IMO.. The 4 themed pavillions were for computer games, boardgames, CCG and miniatures (something quite familiar for Origins visitors) and were all big and full of people.
Above, a table from the miniatures hall with a game in progress organised by Association "Miles Gloriosus" from Rome ("Avanti Savoia!" 15mm rules for the Italian Independence Wars).
The boardgame hall (above) was really crowded. Even if I don't know the exact dimensions, I think this hall was no smaller than the one at Origins.
In the Miniatures hall there were a lot of astonishing tables: the one above was for WH40K...
And this is "our" side of the event: above and below, 2 pics of a Napoleonic demo table staged by Antonino DeBartolo in 28mm. with his own "Convention rules".
6mm were also represented: below a big Eylau scenario (using Polemos rules) with a printed map. Very basic, but super quick to assemble... :)
The Tournament Area was made of more than 100 tables (66 for the Wargames Olympics section only). On saturday and sunday there were competitions of many games: Impetus, OWW II, Shako, Field of Glory, DBA, SDS and many others I can't remember. In all, a positive experience that I hope to repeat next year. Maybe - and that is probably the only down side - with some specialised exhibitors, really missing in the miniature hall...

PLAY2011: SDS tournament results

While collecting all the pics we made, here are the results of the SDS Tourney held on saturday:

1. Maurizio CISOTTO
3. Antonio PIETRA
4. Alessandro SALINI
6. Massimo GAFFURI
7. Andrea TOGNOZZI
8. Filippo SIMONCINI
9. Carlo BANDINI
10. Sandro MARIANI
11. Roberto BAGNA
12. JOLLY player

With these results, Maurizio Cisotto from Pavia becomes the new Leader of the Italian SDS Championship (24 points), with Antonio Pietra following (22) and Marco Gasbarri third (21).
Next tournament will be in Arezzo, on May 22nd...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last call for Wargames Olympics Tourney in Modena

The 3rd SDS Tournament will take place next saturday (march 26th) in Modena, within the Convention PLAY2011. I invite all players who are still in doubt to take a decision and let me know immediately, as tables are running out...

Il terzo Torneo di SDS si svolgerà a Modena durante la Fiera PLAY2011 il prossimo sabato 26 marzo. Invito tutti i giocatori che ancora non l'avessero fatto a comunicarmi la loro partecipazione immediatamente, dato che i posti sono limitati...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pics of the Event in Trezzo d'Adda (march 20th)

I just received many pics from the friends of the Association "Ludus in Fabula". They were taken last sunday during an event organised to celebrate the 150th birthday of Italy (1861-2011) in Trezzo d'Adda, near Milan.
SDS was used to play some different scenarios connected with Italian Wars of Independence and Garibaldi's expedition to Sicily ("The Thousand"). Above, the Bersaglieri entering the breech of Porta Pia in Rome (September 20th, 1870).
Some Bourbons during a scenario set in 1860, fighting Garibaldi's "Red Shirts"..

Giuseppe Garibaldi in danger......
A group of Red Shirts climbing a hill to attack Bourbon positions.
Pontifical Zouaves trying to stop the Bersaglieri at Porta Pia.
Pontifical Dragoons waiting for a charge (also in Porta Pia Scenario).
And finally, the Bersaglieri entering the breech at Porta Pia, the event that gave Italy its Capital: Rome. Many thanks again to Massimo, Marco, Enrico, Andrea and the boys and girls from Ludus in Fabula Association and congratulations for the wonderful event.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Milan Tournament Results

Here are the final standings of the Tournament held yesterday in Milan, and organized by X Legio Gemina (thank you guys!). In the list you have Name, primary Army, points and matches won...

1. Antonio Pietra Russians points 1714 (3 won)
2. Maurizio Cisotto Austrians
points 1217 (2 won)
3. Cristian Parmigiani French
points 1193 (2 won)
4. Massimo Gaffuri
Russians points 973 (1 won)
5. Roberto Berto
French points 953 (1 won)
6. Fabrizio Tasca
French points 918 (1 won )
7. Antonio Ciocca
Russians points 874 (1 won)
8. Stefano Breviglieri British
points 682 (1 won)

Antonio Pietra is the leader of the National SDS Championship after 2 Tourneys.
Congrats Antonio!

New playtest session for SDS Large Battles

Yesterday we had a playtest session of SDS Large Battles, to try the new Brigade Morale Rules. Diego and Massimo came from Rome to play with me and Andrea. It was a fruitful (and fun) gaming sunday, starting at about 11 AM and finishing around 7 PM.
I prepared a scenario for the battle of Tolentino (may 1815) between the Neapolitan Army of Murat and the Austrian Army led by Gen. Count Bianchi di Casalanza. Above, a view of the starting set up from the Neapolitan's line..
A view from the Austrian side of the table, while I explain some of the latest rules.
The Neapolitans attacked on the first day with a Division (Gen. D'Ambrosio) and added another one - and part of the Guard - on the second day (Gen. Lechi). Historically, the outcome on the field was a draw, but Murat received some very bad news at the end of the second day's fighting - some of them were actually false - and decided to withdraw.
Another pic with Diego, just before starting the game. We played 8 full turns, frequently stopping for checking if this of that rule was OK, looking for possible alternatives and so on. No decisive result was achieved, even if my Austrian Left Wing Brigade (Gen. Senitzer) routed one of D'Ambrosio brigades. Murat did not even commit his Guard... It has to be said that I designed the Battle as a 2 days event, so the second day has to be played.
A close up on the King of Naples and one of his Aid de Camp.
I am fully satisfied with the results of the playtest: I think now we could have a solid brigade morale rule, and I made several other minor adjustments.
More about this soon...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Official date for Arezzo Tournament

This year's SDS Tournament in Arezzo will take place as last year in Fumettopoli shop on may 22nd, 2011.
Marco and Alessandro are organizing the tourney, whose theme will be:
"1814: la Patrie en Danger"
i.e. only squads from France, Austria, Russia and Prussia will be allowed.
More information soon...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Giocatori in Sardegna?

Questa è una richiesta per trovare dei giocatori di SDS in Sardegna (zona Olbia).
Commentando questo post vi potrò mettere in contatto con un potenziale avversario.
Fatevi vivi!

This is a post to find players in Sardinia (near Olbia). If you post a comment, I'll put you in contact with a potential opponent.

Event in Trezzo d'Adda (Milan)

Domenica 2o marzo si svolgerà a Trezzo d'Adda (MI) con inizio alle 14.30, un evento presso il Castello Visconteo in occasione delle commemorazioni del 150° dell'Unità d'Italia.
L'Associazione "Ludus in Tabula" organizzerà due tavoli di SDS: uno scontro tra Garibaldini e Borbonici ed un altro tra Pontifici e Bersaglieri, liberamente ispirato alla presa di Porta Pia.
Gli adattamenti di SDS sono a cura dei ragazzi dell'Associazione, che ringrazio personalmente.
Se siete in zona (e non partecipate al torneo di Milano) fate una salto a Trezzo!
Pubblicheremo le foto qui subito dopo l'evento...

Sunday, march 20th in Trezzo d'Adda (near Milan) the Association "Ludus in tabula" will organize 2 tables of SDS adapted for the Italian Wars of Independence (1848-1866). The event will be located in the Visconti Castle and is organised to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy (1861-2011).