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Monday, March 21, 2011

New playtest session for SDS Large Battles

Yesterday we had a playtest session of SDS Large Battles, to try the new Brigade Morale Rules. Diego and Massimo came from Rome to play with me and Andrea. It was a fruitful (and fun) gaming sunday, starting at about 11 AM and finishing around 7 PM.
I prepared a scenario for the battle of Tolentino (may 1815) between the Neapolitan Army of Murat and the Austrian Army led by Gen. Count Bianchi di Casalanza. Above, a view of the starting set up from the Neapolitan's line..
A view from the Austrian side of the table, while I explain some of the latest rules.
The Neapolitans attacked on the first day with a Division (Gen. D'Ambrosio) and added another one - and part of the Guard - on the second day (Gen. Lechi). Historically, the outcome on the field was a draw, but Murat received some very bad news at the end of the second day's fighting - some of them were actually false - and decided to withdraw.
Another pic with Diego, just before starting the game. We played 8 full turns, frequently stopping for checking if this of that rule was OK, looking for possible alternatives and so on. No decisive result was achieved, even if my Austrian Left Wing Brigade (Gen. Senitzer) routed one of D'Ambrosio brigades. Murat did not even commit his Guard... It has to be said that I designed the Battle as a 2 days event, so the second day has to be played.
A close up on the King of Naples and one of his Aid de Camp.
I am fully satisfied with the results of the playtest: I think now we could have a solid brigade morale rule, and I made several other minor adjustments.
More about this soon...

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  1. This looks really great and I look forward to hearing more about - and purchasing - the new rules.