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Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday gaming chez moi

Last saturday was a gaming day in my flat: some friends came to visit me and they played several games of SDS (and others :). Above, Carlo (left, with his son and Dicethrower Leonardo), Alessandro, Narciso and Diego playing classic SDS.
Marco (left) and Marco (right) in the morning SDS battle. They played using the optional tournament Rule "Control of the battlefield" that I want to use in the next Tourney (Terni, october 24). Below, Filippo and Marco in the same room (my Gaming Lab). In the afternoon 4 of the mates played a Big Battle SDS (2 vs. 2) with alternate card driven activation system.

And finally, the well deserved Pizza for lunch (quick, inexpensive and ... good!)

Friday, August 27, 2010

More details about Perugia Tournament

Here they are:

Data/date: sunday, november 14th, 2010
Quota iscrizione/Participation fee: 7 euro
Luogo/Site: Relais dell'Olmo (
Orario/Schedule: sign-up 9:30 start 10:00. Estimated end/fine torneo prevista 5:30 PM.
Formula: 4 turni alla svizzera/4 round swiss
Arbitro/Referee: Io/myself
Max number of players/massimo giocatori: 20 (10 tavoli/tables)
Validità: Campionato Italiano SDS, Campionato italiano FIW

For more info, drop me an e-mail

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Tournament Scheduled november 14!!

I am very happy to announce that Sunday, november 14th there will be a SDS Tournament in Perugia, within the Convention "MAGNA CON PHERSU".
This is just a first announcement, more details will come very soon!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Next SDS Tournaments

Unfortunately, it was not possible to organize a Tournament in Milano in september.
Next dates are therefore: Terni october 24 and (tentatively) Milan on november 21st.

Candidates for organizing Tournaments in december or 2011 are welcome!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New pics from Italy

Let's start from a pic sent by Stibix (Stefano from Trieste): his Russian plastic 20mm are approaching a fortified wall....
Above and below 2 pics from some demo games played in a Shop in Sarzana by the members of the WASP club (LaSpezia, see link in the link section). Thanks to Massimo and Roberto for their effort in promoting the game!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More nap pics at Coy level

Here are some more pics taken by Andrea during last sunday battle (French Vs. British). In the above picture you can see one of the French Officers and the Sergeant commanding a couple of formed squads. A note on the bases: I am keeping all my miniatures based on eurocents (so round 2cm bases) to play SDS, and I add a square 2cm magnetic base when we play the Coy level game. We are lucky that eurocents "work" on magnetic bases....

A close up on the French assault in the British centre: the redcoats are arranged in double line. In the middle - behind the wooden fence - you can see the French skirmishers, trying to disrupt the British full line further away (and one of them is already disrupted - turned 180°).

And finally, a view of the battlefield from the eastern side, with the British Captain base on the right (with drummer and standard bearer).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday: gaming session part II

Some more pics about the "real action". A British squad approaching a fence with a couple of Rifles clearing the way.
A view of the British set up from the eastern side. Both sides played with 5 squads (about 8 men each), 1 Captain, 2 Officers and a Sergeant.

Another view of the British set up from the south side. We had to collect all British miniatures we have, so here you see mine (left) Marco's (centre) and Diego's (right).
The final result was a tight British victory.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday: gaming session

Back with some pics from yesterday's gaming session chez moi: above, me and Diego while preparing a special Napoleonic table played with "61-65" rules....

Narciso brought his freshly painted French half-Section (Perry plastics 28mm). As usual - a remarkable painting job.
Just after lunch, Narciso showing his production. From left to right: Diego, Marco, Andrea and Narciso. In the afternoon we played a 50 vs. 50 nap battle, and then the guys playtested a new game by Andrea (top secret for the moment :)