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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drums&Shakos Large Battles last sunday

Thanks to Diego and Massimo from Rome, last sunday was an intense playtest day for D&S Large Battles. I prepared a small size battle, with a Division for each side - French Vs. Austrian. As usual, they arrived around 10 AM, we started playing and Andrea joined us soon after.
We had a (long) break for lunch - just an enormous greek salad, as the temperature was around 35° C - then completed the playtest game. Before leaving, I briefly explained Steel Juggernauts to them, but that was clearly not their cup of tea..... :)
French infantry 7th Reg. de Ligne advances towards the enemy in line, while 3rd L├Ęgere tries to go up the hill to avoid the artillery fire. Infantry Battalions are 4 bases and all have a Quality and Combat values (as in all Song games).
Diego and me during the final stages of the battle, which raged mainly on the French right. Massimo took all the pictures (I was too busy thinking) and I thank him for that.

The test results are OK: the game flows very well, the QRS is almost unnecessary (after 1-2 fights players manage all modifiers without looking at the tables), just 1 marker on the table (Disorder level) and there is a quick resolution of contacts, even if divided into Approach and Contact.
No Morale test, no casualty removal, no set play Sequence.

Diego, Andrea and Massimo helped me in fine tuning the Victory Conditions, that I wanted to depend on two factors: possession of the battlefield and losses. I think we reached a balanced solution: when you reach the Breakpoint of your Division, you have lost. What brings you down to the Breakpoint are losses, but also enemy units within your half of the table.
A fruitful day :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's going on

In the last couple of weeks, I've been busy playtesting both games I'd like to release in september: Steel Juggernauts and Drums & Shakos Large Battles.
Both are in their very final stage so..... let's keep fingers crossed for a future release.

For what concerns painting, I finished my box of plastic 28mm Prussian Landwehr and completed (finally!) both my mounted and dismounted Perry Dragoons.
I'm having troubles painting smaller scales: my eyes get tired very soon, and painting in the evening (what I usually do) is almost impossible. Therefore, my tons of 15mm will remain unpainted - for the moment.

Monday, June 20, 2011

2nd SDS Tournament in Spilamberto, MO

Yesterday, 4th SDS 2011 tournament in Spilamberto (Modena). As last year, the guys organizing "Dadi & Sudore" invited us to share their fantastic (and air-conditioned) gaming space. Lots of people, many tournaments, lots of games. We had 10 participants for SDS from Arezzo, Firenze, La Spezia and Pavia. We started at 10 AM and everything was over at 4.30 PM.
Above a picture of our tables (which I spray-painted on friday :).
4th round: the final match between Marco Gasbarri (right) and Maurizio Cisotto (left). This was the game that gave the final Victory to Marco, after a couple of Tourneys dominated by Maurizio and the guys from Pavia.
Third place to Filippo Simoncini from Firenze (above), who succeeded in drawing both games against Maurizio and Marco.

Above, me and Alessandro Salini (second place) from Arezzo. Alessandro is now 4th in the National Championship after Marco, Maurizio and Antonio Pietra (5th yesterday).

And finally (above) Marco Gasbarri, winner of the Tournament and leading the National Championship with 33 points followed by Maurizio Cisotto with 28.
We had a good time, and during the lunch break discussed all together the new version of the Tournament Rules (3.0). We agreed to try them at the next Tournament in Arezzo (probably early september, date to be decided soon).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Steel Juggernauts update

Just received 21 new tanks for SJ.
Time to try some larger scenarios (I'll try to post some pics soon).
Playtesting is going on.... stay tuned!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

SDS Large Battles coming soon?

During the week end I wrote a new Command & Control system for SDS LB and also new Victory Conditions. We tried them this morning with Andrea and he liked 'em.
I think I am so close to release a final Playtest version.... :) At last!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

SDS Tournament in Spilamberto, MO

Sunday june 19th the fourth SDS tourney of 2011 will take place in Spilamberto (Modena) within the CON "Dadi e Sudore".
All interested players are kindly requested to enlist sending me an e-mail.
As usual, 4 round swiss style, starting time 0930, estimated end at 1730. The Tourney is also valid for the Italian FIW League.
Registration fee 7 euro, prizes for the 3 best classified.
Tournament Rules version 2.2.4

Join us in Spilamberto!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Colours, Newbury, september 2011

I am planning to visit Colours in Newbury (UK) next september.
Is any of you going to attend it? If so, it would be nice to meet there, and even better if an SDS or 61-65 scenario will be organised.