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Monday, June 20, 2011

2nd SDS Tournament in Spilamberto, MO

Yesterday, 4th SDS 2011 tournament in Spilamberto (Modena). As last year, the guys organizing "Dadi & Sudore" invited us to share their fantastic (and air-conditioned) gaming space. Lots of people, many tournaments, lots of games. We had 10 participants for SDS from Arezzo, Firenze, La Spezia and Pavia. We started at 10 AM and everything was over at 4.30 PM.
Above a picture of our tables (which I spray-painted on friday :).
4th round: the final match between Marco Gasbarri (right) and Maurizio Cisotto (left). This was the game that gave the final Victory to Marco, after a couple of Tourneys dominated by Maurizio and the guys from Pavia.
Third place to Filippo Simoncini from Firenze (above), who succeeded in drawing both games against Maurizio and Marco.

Above, me and Alessandro Salini (second place) from Arezzo. Alessandro is now 4th in the National Championship after Marco, Maurizio and Antonio Pietra (5th yesterday).

And finally (above) Marco Gasbarri, winner of the Tournament and leading the National Championship with 33 points followed by Maurizio Cisotto with 28.
We had a good time, and during the lunch break discussed all together the new version of the Tournament Rules (3.0). We agreed to try them at the next Tournament in Arezzo (probably early september, date to be decided soon).


  1. Nice post Sergio, I've never played in a competition before, it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Competitive wargame environments I knew before (Warhammer just to make an example) were quite tough. But I must say that SDS Tournaments are really friendly, and this is due to the players' attitude and to the fact that - finally - we are all real friends. This does not mean that winning is not important, but I never witnessed any unpleasant episode... :)