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Friday, May 28, 2010

A lot of "-ing"

About to emerge from a couple of weeks of travelling up and down, I have many (too many?) things to settle before leaving for Origins.
The main effort is for "61-65" the company level ACW game I will show there for the first time. Writing, painting, writing, testing, writing......

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had a terrible couple of weeks. No time to post at all...
Hope to be back as soon as possible (maybe tomorrow).
In a word: I'm still alive :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And more pics....

...from Roberto's blog

See below in the Links section:

Thank you Roberto

Pics from Paolo's blog

Here are a lot of pics of the Tournament:

thanks to Paolo Blasi for the wonderful photos !!

Arezzo Pics

Soon I'll post some pictures I took, and links to at least a couple of websites where you can see more...

Arezzo Tournament results

It was a great day. The Tournament went smoothly with 14 players: we started at about 10.30 AM and ended at 5.30 PM with a quite long break for lunch :)

The 4 rounds Swiss system worked well and we managed to avoid matches between players of the same Club (we had 5 Clubs represented). I am now analyzing the results in detail to understand if the point system is OK (as it seems) and balancing playing time with draws.

There were prizes for all players: cups for the Winner, second and third classified, a plaque for the best painted couple of squads, Ganesha Games Rules, 28mm Perry Dragoons sprues and “official” hand made measurement sticks of our usual color (red, orange and yellow).

Final result was as follows:

1 Marco Gasbarri 2183 points
2 Carlo Bandini 2026
3 Filippo Simoncini 1506
4 Max Salvagnini 1473
5 Diego Chisena 1463
6 Valter Vegli 1448
7 Roberto Bagna 1121 + best squad(s)
8 Marco Coccia 1096
9 Alessandro Salini 959
10 Leonardo Rinaldelli 854
11 Luca Ceriola 756
12 Andrea Sfiligoi 426
13 Narciso Battellocchi 329
14 Massimo Moscarelli 174

A couple of minor trimmings will be needed, but I think that version 2.2 will be the one.

I want to thank you again all players and hope to see most of them at the second Tourney in Spilamberto on july 4th.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Royal Marines Profiles

Here they are...

RM Officer Q3 C2 Sword Pistol Leader 60 points
RM NCO Q3 C2 Sword Pike NCO Strong 60 points
RM Q4 C2 Musket Strong 32 points
RM Drummer Q3 C1 Musician 16 points

Arezzo Tournament may 9th

Altre info per il torneo di domenica:
- sarà in vigore la regola del "doppio 6 all'attivazione"
- il torneo sarà su 4 turni alla svizzera
- iscrizione 7 euro
- inizio torneo ore 10:00 (siate lì per le 9.30)
- premi per i primi 3 e per la migliore squadra
- la lista dei Royal Marines è ufficiale e giocabile
- indirizzo esatto: via Piave 24 Arezzo
- si raccomanda a ciascuno di non dimenticare gli elementi di terreno, i misurini, i marker per i moschetti scarichi e ..... almeno 3 dadi

Just some more info about the Tournament:

- the "double six rule" will be in effect
- starting time is 10:00 (so try to be there around 9.30)
- 4 turns swiss rounds
- fee 7 euro
- prizes for the winner, second, third and best squad
- the Royal Marines list is official and therefore playable

Sunday, May 2, 2010

July 4th, Second SDS Tournament

The 2nd SDS Tournament will be the 4th of july 2010 in Spilamberto (Modena). More details will come very soon...

Il secondo torneo di SDS valido per il campionato italiano ed il campionato FIW sarà il 4 luglio 2010 a Spilamberto (Modena) dove si terrà una 2 giorni ludica nei giorni 3 e 4.
Maggiori dettagli ed informazioni al più presto.