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Monday, September 30, 2013

Black Powder in Rome!

After 5 months from my enrollment as a Member of the ARSM Club in Rome, I took the opportunity to take part in a Napoleonic battle organised by Maurizio in the club HQ. Using Talavera as a guideline, Maurizio and the other lads built an impressive table (about 4x2 m.) with lots of 20mm miniatures. I asked - and was given - the Command of the Spanish brigades, deployed near Talavera. Above, the initial deployment of my forces (1 Infantry and 1 Cavalry brigades). We started at 10.30 AM, took a break for lunch and finished about 6 PM (even if I had to leave at 5 because of my train timetable). I was later told that our enemies (the French) won the day, even if marginally. My Spanish Infantry fought gallantly for 6 hours, but then - under heavy pressure - broke. In all, 8 players and a Referee (something I almost forgot) around a fantastic table, surrounded by other gorgeous tables and miniatures: a remarkable day.

Friday, September 20, 2013

To Do list

After returning from Koper, I had a very tough couple of weeks at work, but now - hopefully - I will have some time for my ongoing projects. A brief list includes:
- some more playtesting of 100 dice
- basing my 10mm French and Austrian Armies, to play a BIG battle with DSLB on my 120x180 cm. table
- an interesting experiment:  a small battle in double blind on a hexed table (I'll need 2 volunteers for this)
- paint some more medieval 15mm figures for 100 dice
- keep writing the DSLB supplement for Minor Countries' Army lists
I'll try hard to bring all the above tasks to completion.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back from Koper (Eurobasket 2013)

A fantastic week of basketball in Koper (Slovenia) for the qualifying round of the European Basket Championship: Italy went well over the happiest expectations, winning 5 games out of 5 against Russia, Turkey, Finland, Greece and Sweden. No words can describe my satisfaction. With 4 top players (2 of them playing in the NBA) injured, I left hoping just to win a couple of games and MAYBE qualify for the next round, but our boys played really hard, and Italy is the only unbeaten team so far in the tournament.
And now, the heaviest task: win another game (at least) to enter the final round, that will give Italy a slot in the next World Championship in Madrid (2014). Spain, Slovenia and Croatia will be our next opponents.
Let's keep fingers crossed....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Time to go to Eurobasket 2013

Tomorrow morning I'll leave for Koper (Slovenia) to assist to the preliminary round of the European Basket Championship. My friend Diego will come with me. Even if our possibilities to reach the Final stage are low, we hope to see good baskeball and to enjoy the Region. We plan to visit some nice places in the mornings and spend the afternoons in the Sport Palace of Koper.
I won't probably post anything for the next week or so.
Arrivederci a tutti!