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Friday, September 20, 2013

To Do list

After returning from Koper, I had a very tough couple of weeks at work, but now - hopefully - I will have some time for my ongoing projects. A brief list includes:
- some more playtesting of 100 dice
- basing my 10mm French and Austrian Armies, to play a BIG battle with DSLB on my 120x180 cm. table
- an interesting experiment:  a small battle in double blind on a hexed table (I'll need 2 volunteers for this)
- paint some more medieval 15mm figures for 100 dice
- keep writing the DSLB supplement for Minor Countries' Army lists
I'll try hard to bring all the above tasks to completion.


  1. A double-blind battle would be a very interesting experiment. One problem, however, with a 'small battle' IMHO, is that most, if not all, of the troops would probably be visible to both commanders from their respective vantage points - at least until the powder smoke started to obscure their vision.
    Another, from my experience of kriegsspiel, is the delay in the umpire updating both players' displays, which slows the game down and reduces the illusion of watching the action unfold in a short period of time.
    With larger battles, on the other hand, with forces operating outside of easy vision and the CO relying on messages/reports &c., one can use a longer real-time turn without it seeming so inappropriate.
    Will you be using your rules as written to umpire, or adapting them in any way?

  2. Arthur
    troops will be visible (and will be placed on the tabletop) only if in LOS, and I will adapt the rules for this experiment.