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Thursday, September 30, 2010

More pics from "Spain 1809" Scenario (Germany)

At the beginning of september Michael sent me these pics from his scenario "Spain 1809" ... enjoy!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SDS Tournament in Terni

As previously announced, an SDS Tournament will take place in Terni (my hometown) on Sunday october 24th.
It will be hosted by Club Cosmopolitan (via del Sersimone, 31) and it will use the usual formula of the 4 rounds swiss style.
We'll start at 9.30 in the morning and finish presumably around 5 PM. Rules version 2.2.3.
For all info drop me an email at

Il prossimo torneo di SDS avrà luogo il 24 ottobre a Terni presso il Club Cosmopolitan (via del Sersimone, 31) con inizio alle ore 9.3o e termine previsto per le 17. Come al solito sarà un torneo su 4 round alla svizzera, con costo di iscrizione di 7 euro. Ci stiamo attrezzando per pranzo in loco (come in precedenti tornei di DBA). La versione delle regole in vigore sarà la 2.2.3 aggiornata ad oggi, che è disponibile nell'area download al sito Il torneo si giocherà con le seguenti regole opzionali in vigore: "doppio 6 all'attivazione" e "controllo del territorio".
Per ogni informazione ulteriore:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SDS in Germany!

Some pictures coming from a Con in Oldenburg (Germany) and sent by Michael (above with black shirt). The Con took place last week-end and Michael's Club now has more SDS player, thanks to this demo table.
The scenario designed by Michael was "Spain 1809" and the terrain is really attractive!
A couple of close-up on the miniatures (very nicely painted): above British infantry (light coy) with its Leader...
... and French Voltigeur firing. Michael uses small puffs of cotton for marking unloaded weapon, a very nice-looking way to do it.
Great job Michael, keep playing and sending pics!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Another gamimg evening

Last thursday I received a couple of friends from Perugia (Stefano & Stefano) to play a sort of introductory game of SDS. One of them already played some games, while the other just played Song of Blades and Heroes. Above is the table at game start.

First moves: getting used to the differences between the games (Group orders, NCO and the like). We played using all Tournament rules, as both want to play in the Perugia Tournament in november.
Me and Stefano G. who is the organiser of the CON Magna con Phersu in Perugia (november, see my previous post about it) where an SDS tournament will take place. The players family grows....