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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DS LB Big Battle next Sunday!

For next sunday, december 2nd, I organized a Napoleonic Big Battle in our Club, using a simplified version of DS LB.
10 Generals will be involved (1 CinC and 4 Subordinate Generals per side) in a 3-tables-clash of 3 Corps per side (plus a reserve).
The CinC will play far from the gaming tables and ALL Generals will communicate only through written "letters", unless they move in contact with another.

A bit of role playing, unreliable maps and other events will influence the outcome of the game.
One Side will win, but also a single general (who could be on the loser's side).
If the whole thing works, it could be a nice (if time consuming) alternative to the one vs one usual play.

We should have pics and recaps after the event...