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Monday, September 30, 2013

Black Powder in Rome!

After 5 months from my enrollment as a Member of the ARSM Club in Rome, I took the opportunity to take part in a Napoleonic battle organised by Maurizio in the club HQ. Using Talavera as a guideline, Maurizio and the other lads built an impressive table (about 4x2 m.) with lots of 20mm miniatures. I asked - and was given - the Command of the Spanish brigades, deployed near Talavera. Above, the initial deployment of my forces (1 Infantry and 1 Cavalry brigades). We started at 10.30 AM, took a break for lunch and finished about 6 PM (even if I had to leave at 5 because of my train timetable). I was later told that our enemies (the French) won the day, even if marginally. My Spanish Infantry fought gallantly for 6 hours, but then - under heavy pressure - broke. In all, 8 players and a Referee (something I almost forgot) around a fantastic table, surrounded by other gorgeous tables and miniatures: a remarkable day.

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