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Thursday, August 5, 2010

More nap pics at Coy level

Here are some more pics taken by Andrea during last sunday battle (French Vs. British). In the above picture you can see one of the French Officers and the Sergeant commanding a couple of formed squads. A note on the bases: I am keeping all my miniatures based on eurocents (so round 2cm bases) to play SDS, and I add a square 2cm magnetic base when we play the Coy level game. We are lucky that eurocents "work" on magnetic bases....

A close up on the French assault in the British centre: the redcoats are arranged in double line. In the middle - behind the wooden fence - you can see the French skirmishers, trying to disrupt the British full line further away (and one of them is already disrupted - turned 180°).

And finally, a view of the battlefield from the eastern side, with the British Captain base on the right (with drummer and standard bearer).

1 comment:

  1. nice!!!

    how big is the table for a 28mm standard battle?

    how many miniatures?

    I don't see any artillery piece....