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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pics from Milan Tournament (March 20th)

Thanks to the friends of X Legio Gemina (organizers of the Tournament) I can show you some pics. They are all close up on the miniatures, so we can appreciate the painting quality. Above, three French Voltigeurs firing from behind a wall.
Some French Light Infantry in a sort of column, about to turn around the corner of a building.
Not 100% sure about the nationality of those guys above..... suggestions? (Voltigeurs of the Polish Vistula Legion?).
A French Line Infantry Officer ordering the Drummer to beat the "Pas de charge"..
A clash between Russian Pavlov and Grenadiers against..... Italian Light Infantry (or Provisional Croatians?).
And finally a Group of Austrian Grenadiers. Thank you for sharing X Legio!


  1. I think Polish Vistula for the first and Croatian for the second.

  2. Nice pictures with some excellent painting.
    Cheers, Michael

  3. Indeed they are Polish and Croatians, although those squads were devised before MDS came out, so we just use them with French stats, it's more straightforward and allows for diversification in the lists : ).