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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pics of the Event in Trezzo d'Adda (march 20th)

I just received many pics from the friends of the Association "Ludus in Fabula". They were taken last sunday during an event organised to celebrate the 150th birthday of Italy (1861-2011) in Trezzo d'Adda, near Milan.
SDS was used to play some different scenarios connected with Italian Wars of Independence and Garibaldi's expedition to Sicily ("The Thousand"). Above, the Bersaglieri entering the breech of Porta Pia in Rome (September 20th, 1870).
Some Bourbons during a scenario set in 1860, fighting Garibaldi's "Red Shirts"..

Giuseppe Garibaldi in danger......
A group of Red Shirts climbing a hill to attack Bourbon positions.
Pontifical Zouaves trying to stop the Bersaglieri at Porta Pia.
Pontifical Dragoons waiting for a charge (also in Porta Pia Scenario).
And finally, the Bersaglieri entering the breech at Porta Pia, the event that gave Italy its Capital: Rome. Many thanks again to Massimo, Marco, Enrico, Andrea and the boys and girls from Ludus in Fabula Association and congratulations for the wonderful event.

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