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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SDS clarifications (1)

Wooded Areas and shooting (page 14)

A model inside a wood and not in contact with its internal edge cannot shoot nor be shot, unless the target is also inside the same wood and within 1S. This fire is at -1 for cover.

A model inside a wood but in contact with its internal edge can shoot outside, and be shot with the cover modifier (-1).

A model partially in a wood (i.e. with its base touching the wood, but also touching clear terrain) can shoot and be shot normally.

A can shoot at E if they are within 1S, and the reverse is also true. Both have -1 for cover.

A cannot shoot at D, nor it can be shot by D.

B can shoot at F or G normally, and can be shot by both with the -1 cover modifier.

C is not considered in the wood, and can be shot normally (by G for example), without the cover modifier.


  1. Hi Sergio ,
    I wasn't sure where to post , but I have a rules question so...
    I am trying to introduce SDS to my club ( the largest club in Melbourne ) .
    Last night we were playing and this came up .
    A group activates , 2 models move to contact one other . Do we fight one at a time or simultaneously ? When does that happen , does the whole group complete their action and the combat is last or does it not matter ?
    It's probably very simple , but thanks :)
    Our club is here the SDS thread is in the Napoleonics forum under "28mm rules?" .
    Cheers ,

  2. Richard,
    when a group activates, each model has to perform his actions before another one does.
    Therefore, first model moves into contact and can attack (if it has actions left) or just do nothing else, waiting for the next model to come into contact and attack with the friendly overlap and so on.. Hope it's clear (if not, tell me :)
    Thanks for introducing SDS in your club!

  3. Richard,

    I read through all the thread in the forum and I must say I am honoured to have raised such an interest in your group. Feel free to ask any question here (just ask as a comment on any post).
    Nice pics by the way! And greetings to Nic from Eureka Miniatures...