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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My French Army (15mm)

I just finished to rearrange and count my 15mm nap collection (7000 figures are at hand :).
Here is my french army, commanded by the Emperor himself and followed by the Imperial Guard.
58 Infantry Battalions, 24 Cavalry Regiments and it still looks.... small to me. No doubt, I must be affected by the "Lead Syndrome" many of us have.


  1. Wow, that's cool! I'm very jealous!

  2. Chris,
    that's about 23 years of painting, buying and collecting... What about your collection?

  3. Hi Sergio,
    Alas, my figures are so few, they are hardly worthy of the word "collection". After about 30 years of board wargaming (and occasional small experiments with miniatures), I have only recently decided to get seriously into miniatures (about the past year or so) -- but I figure it's never to late to start a new addiction! :-) So at the moment I only have a few dozen Napoleonic figures. Most of them are not particularly well painted, but I'm getting better with each figure. I really like seeing other peoples' figures for inspiration, and to see what can be gradually accomplished over the long term.

  4. Yes Chris, improvement is something that you notice little by little, but in the long term it is astonishing. If I look at the minis I painted some 20 years ago, I hardly recognise them :)
    Now I have very little time to paint, so I prefer to buy painted miniatures to increase the collection. Do you play SDS with a friend or in a club? Cheers!

  5. Just solo actually -- I live in a comparatively small university town in the middle of nowhere. But even solo wargaming is a very satisfying diversion from the intense workload of my "real" life. It makes for excellent "quiet time." I completely understand what you mean, too, about having little time to paint -- one of the reasons I stick largely to skirmish gaming (at least for the moment).

  6. Interesting. A university town in the middle of nowhere.... where?
    As for workload, I guess we're in the same situation :)

  7. I suspect we certainly are :) What do you do in the technology industry (if that is not an indiscrete question)?

    As for my university town in the middle of nowhere, I'm in Athens, Ohio, USA. The *only* thing here of note is Ohio University -- the nearest "civilization" is the city of Columbus, about 90 minutes away by car. Strangely enough, the university was chartered in 1804 (the first university west of the original 13 colonies), while Athens itself only achieved official "village" status in 1811 (seven years after the university charter). Of course, I'm sure that 1804 doesn't sound very old to you. Your town, Terni, dates from BC times, no?

  8. I am Executive Director of a software company, nothing to do with my education (foreign languages).. What you told me about Athens is really strange: so the University was founded before the city? BTW I was in Columbus last june for Origins, did you come? next year it seems we'll be back (hopefully for another prize ;-)
    yes Terni dates back to Etruscan Age, and its roman name was Interamna Nahars..

  9. I can imagine your work as executive director would indeed keep you incredibly busy! I'm actually not surprised that you studied foreign languages, though. From your writing I suspected that your English was either from some sort of native-speaker background (i.e. you were raised in England, or one of your parents spoke English, etc.) or that it was the result of very intensive higher-level study. I myself teach French language and literature (with a little French history tossed in) at the University. As for Origins, I've not yet been, but I'm really hoping to go this coming June if I can work it into my schedule.