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Thursday, January 21, 2010

First poll closed

OK we have the results of the first poll. The question was about the "next" historical game level you'd like to see published by Ganesha, and the possible answers were:
- Company Level (each player has a company, i.e. about 40-50 individual soldiers)
- Brigade Level (you play with a Brigade made of several Battalions)
- Division Level (you play with a Division made of 2-5 Brigades)
- Corps Level (you play with a Corps made of 2-4 Divisions)

The results are quite straightforward: Company 50%, Brigade 20%, Division 14%, Corps 15%.
Half of you would like the next historical Ganesha game to be a Company level game. Being SDS a pure skirmish game with few soldiers, this is not surprising: jumping to Brigade, Division, or Corps level requires a totally different approach, from the scale used (probably smaller then 28mm for the quantity of miniatures needed) to miniatures basing. Going up the game levels, some details are lost, while more complexity is added to the Command and Control rules, formations and the like. Indeed, you can't play a Corps level game with few miniatures... :)
However, what we are committed to design is a game system that - given a common set of core rules - will allow you to play anything from SDS to Leipzig... and we are nearer than you could expect to do it :-)


  1. company level games are remarkably absent (as far as I know), the only one at that scale that I know/have is Sharpe Practice from the Lardies...

  2. Yes, and that's why it is n.1 candidate for next release....

  3. don't do it, I'll be tempted to buy some Perry/Victrix and I've been trying to avoid that... God knows I don't need any more figures...

  4. We ALL need more figures.... always.

  5. I think the company level game will be a great addition, especially if it easily adapts to FIW and ARW, as has been the case with SDS. I'm really looking forward to their release!