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Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Rifles, to me!!"

Yesterday I received my British Rifle squad, 12 pro-painted models in green. I'll post some pics soon. They have square bases but as you know this is not a problem in SDS (all my miniatures are on round bases). So I built up my Rifle Squad, and here it is...
1 Officer, 1 Musician, 4 Riflemen, 1 Chosen Man, 1 Chosen Man Hero. Total points 399.
Nasty squad... I chose to have a hero in it (it's not the Officer as you could have imagined ;-) and I decided for the Chosen man because I want to aim most of my shots, (or move and snipe my opponent's commanders from 1M). All the squad activates at 2+ if in command and can stay away from the enemy thanks to the Rifle range. Be careful about reloading, and remember that your Elan Special Rule does not work for Morale test...
"King George commands and we obey..... over the hills and far away..."

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