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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sharpe and his Rifles

Once again, Filippo surprises me with a wonderful painting job and a conversion. Above and below, Lt. Sharpe leading his men forward...
Sgt. Patrick Harper (below). Filippo made it converting from some plastic models (Perry, I guess), adding his curly hair, the chevrons on the right arm and the multi-barrelled gun.
He just picked up the shako of a French Voltigeur, and he's showing it to his Lieutenant.
The full "movie" squad: Hagman; Harris, Perkins, Harper and Sharpe.
"King George commands and we obey, over the hills and far away..........."


  1. Nice looking figures, but as Sharpe favored the straight heavy cavalry saber, I would have one of those in his hand instead of that light cavalry piece of tin. :^)


  2. Opsss... I'll inform Filippo about this :))

  3. These are great conversions! They are just like the tv series.
    I think I will make my Sharp and Harper like in the books where Harper is blonde and sharp has black hair. So I will be different!