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Monday, December 20, 2010

Building time

Together with my friends we decided to stage a SDS Big Battle for thursday, dec. 23rd in my lab.
It will be a participation scenario, loosely based on the French attack at Hougoumont, where a couple of players will play with the British inside a big house/castle and all others will command one or more French squads, trying to break through. As the attack will be very difficult due to heavy cover of the defender, there will be virtually no limit to the number of French squads attacking, but just 2-3 at a time. In this way people can come, take command of a squad, play 1-2 hours and then go, or keep playing...

For this reason I started building a BIG house (actually half of it, so that it is possible to move figures inside) with all the scratch material I have in the Lab. There will be also a high wall surrounding a part of the house corner (like in Hougoumont) from where the defenders will shoot at the approaching enemies. More about about this (and pics) soon...

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