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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A great wargaming saturday

Yesterday Andrea and me went to Arezzo to meet some friends and to play a company level Napoleonic battle with 61-65 rules. We agreed to bring all French and British miniatures 28mm figures we have and field as many squads we could.
In the end we had 8 infantry and 1 cavalry squad per side, making room for 6 players with 3 squads each. Alessandro, Marco and Andrea played the French side, and Max, Fabio and Filippo played the Brits. We used the Multi player Battle rules of 61-65 and I made some tweaking of the rules to adapt the game for napoleonics.
I started explaining the rules at 12.30 (they are all experienced SDS players) and the game ended with a (tight) British victory at 17.30 (lunch included). As it is usual in these circumstances (and it's a pleasure in my opinion) a lot of chatting and joking went on during the game, including a funny interlude when a Vivandiere entered the game and 2 Officers (one French and 1 British) made a charme contest for her :)
All in all, a 5 hours game with so many forces on the table, lunch and a complete overview of the game are really satisfactory in my opinion, and the game went on without any problem.
Andrea took some pics of the game and as soon as he'll send them to me I'll post them here.
The guys called the game "99-15" following the pattern we used for 61-65.

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