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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tyrolean squad

Here they are! I am quite satisfied of the result for these first 13 figures. I decided to paint the Command (Leader, Sub-Commander, Standard bearer and drummer) and 9 more rebels in different poses.
The "historical" figures (Andreas Hofer, father Joachim Haspinger and Josef Speckbacher) are painted according to contemporary prints. All miniatures are from Eureka (great job Nic!) and are part of a set of 46 including also some dead and wounded and a cannon with its crew. For the next step I'll paint some 10 more, all armed with pitchforks, axes and scythes and a couple of women with musket. The flag is also taken from pictures I found on the net and is scratch built with paper and painted. As soon as the other ones are ready we'll play a scenario against the Bavarians and I'll post the battle report here.

A zoom on the command group (from left to right: drummer, Speckbacher, standard bearer, Hofer and Haspinger). Father Haspinger is the character who inspired me for the special rule "Fervour" which is in More Drums & Shakos - in release next week.
I think that the miniature of Speckbacher has been modeled according to his statue in Halle, Tyrol.
These pictures have also been published in the Song of Blades Yahoo Group.

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