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Friday, December 18, 2009

Share your Squads!

I was thinking that it should be nice to receive some of your squads rosters and your hints on how to play with them: something similar to what I am doing with my demo squads.
So everyone is kindly invited to share this info here in the blog!
If possible, even with some pictures :-)


  1. I have a French squad built up but haven't worked out the points yet. I do have a Young Guard one I'm building up though.
    It has
    1 Officer, 1 NCO and 5 Young Guardsmen at 391 points. I haven't battled with them yet but they should do some damage!


  2. Great Otto!
    Do you have some pictures to share? Who is your usual opponent, and which army does he use?
    Let me know...
    P.S. MDS is available!

  3. I do! check them on my blog.
    I have 3 of the 7 Young Guard painted up so far.

    My Brother and I have done one skirmish thus far. with him fielding some British Light Infantry against that squad I haven't worked out points for.

    I'll get MDS soon! I want to field Spanish so bad!