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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Shortly before midnight our Army of small soldiers crossed the Niemen.
A winter Campaign is before us, but I am sure that all our allied squads will fight with honour for the common cause. Soldiers from Baden, Berg, Bavaria, Saxony, Westphalia and many other loyal brothers have joined the Grande Armee. In the next weeks, tables all around the world will witness episodes of valor, critical decisions and - this is my hope - great joy.

More Drums & Shako was released yesterday at 23:45 and it's already 2nd in Wargames Vault Hot list.
Thank you my Captains!
General SL


  1. I picked it up via Lulu download a little earlier today, and have already given it a preliminary read. :) Very enjoyable supplement - I'm motivated to get my 1812 minis completed and try it out.

  2. Hello Brian!
    Happy you like the game and the supplement.
    Follow this blog for other news, hints and future projects...