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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Alles Vorwarts" - The Prussian Swarm

PRUSSIAN Landwehr squad
1 Officer, 1 NCO, 1 Standard bearer, 1 Drummer, 12 Landwehr infantry
Total points: 390
Comments: 16 figures and you still have 10 points to spend! That's a lot of Muskets, but you must use them carefully, due to the Green and Unreliable Special Rules. Unfortunately the combination of the two works against you: on one side you want to keep them in groups within 1M from the Leader, on the other a model killed in action (tripled in combat) will cause a Morale Test for all Green models within 1L...
So, move the Flag forward as soon as possible, keep the soldiers packed in 2 groups and go ahead, trying to overwhelm your opponent with number. I'd say just one volley and then charge!


  1. I've thought of getting some Prussians for skirmish. It would be interesting to see how they fare against my French.

  2. Thanks Otto,

    it should be interesting to have the composition of your French squad. Why don't you send it to me? I'm going to post here the squads of SDS players and I would be happy to start from yours..