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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Work in progress

Another playtest of 100 dice yesterday evening with Luciano. Another defeat (for me), but some steps forward in the complex process of adding, cutting and trimming of the rules.
Real work and other everyday activites prevented me to organize a new scenario, so I repeated the one we played on sunday with Diego. This gave me the opportunity to try twice the same game (but the result was the same :)
This is the situation after some of turns from my point of view (Prussian). Considering the French "Grand Battery" that Luciano deployed against my center-left,  my plan was to hold there and attack on the right, trying a flanking maneuver with my light cavalry to avoid the swamps. My Jaegers secured the woods in the centre....
 Something - however - went wrong: my flanking maneuver was partially frustrated by a broken terrain that appeared in the middle of my path (in 100 dice you may expand the battlefield if you try a flanking maneuver, adding up to three hexes per side) and the attack on the right-centre was more expensive then expected. Above you can see the maximum penetration I reached on this side of the table.
On the left flank, Luciano launched an attack that completely broke my line, also capturing the wing commanding  General. My reserves just recalled prepared themselves to counter, but night fell bringing a minor Victory for the French. There are still several rules to trim, another session maybe this evening.

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