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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another great day of gaming in Arezzo

Yesterday, Andrea and me went to Arezzo for a full gaming day in Marco's house. While Andrea tested "Of Gods and Mortals" (the upcoming game he wrote for Osprey) I assisted Marco and Alessandro (morning) and Stefano and Simone (afternoon) in two battles of 100 dice with the same Armies and terrain.
Both games came out very well, and all players like the rules. Between the games we also had a good lunch with all Marco's family.
I always feel very proud when two highly experienced players like Marco and Alessandro appreciate my rules. In Arezzo, they already have hexes and Napoleonic Armies (they are also DSLB players) and I'm sure they will play again soon.
Unfortunately, the few pictures I took are very dark, but maybe I'll have some to post thanks to Giovanni (Marco's son - surely a future Champion in wargames).

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