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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The daily test

Yesterday another playtest of 100 dice. This time it was Nap again, Andrea vs. me. After the doubts of tuesday night game, I modified again some rules (Rally, Morale and Reserves) and introduced Cards.
This is something I had in mind since long, because I think cards add a lot to a game without complicating it.
However, 100 dice won't be a card driven game. Cards will simply add some unpredictability, will help you to solve a desperate situation, and will give you back precious dice ("All I want is another hour of daylight!").  In the (blurred) picture below, the situation at nightfall.
Once again my left flank was overwhelmed, and my main attack (in the centre) was repulsed with losses. Andrea won  a marginal victory. He played well, had a bit of luck (always welcome) and was able to use 2-3 cards at the very right moment, getting the edge. Cards work very well in my opinion. All I have to do is to find the right balance of them in a player's hand. Yesterday we played with 1 (that is, a player always has 1 card in his hand and when he plays it, he draws another) today I want to try with 2.
Cards will be generic and specific for the period played. I am now working on a deck of 24 cards.
Hope you'll like it!

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