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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An update on Drums & Shakos Large Battles

My silence did not mean I was not progressing with the game......
In fact, I'm devoting all my evenings (and weekends) to finish DS LB, and I must say I'm really close.
I can therefore anticipate that - in the Appendix - there will be rules and conversion tables to play DSLB (where you play with a Division per side) at Army level (multi-Corps).
Hope this is good news for many of you.
When DS LB will be released (very soon I promise), you'll be able to play napoleonics from squad (SDS) to Army level, with the same core rules (or engine).

For your information , next versions in the pipeline are Battalion level SDS and Seven Years War at Corps level, this last game probably with a brand new engine....

Any comment will be highly appreciated

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