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Monday, October 24, 2011

Large Battle update

Rules................. finished.
Army lists for pick-up games........... finished.
I have to choose some Scenarios (from the many playtest sessions we made) and then translate everything.
I'll be ready to present the Italian version at Lucca Games at the end of this week (oct. 28/nov.1st).


  1. Great news. When are you likely to have the English version?
    2 new Divisions of Spanish waiting to take on the French.

  2. To be realistic, I'd say for Christmas: november to translate and edit, pagesetting early december, release around third week...

  3. Quindi da quando sarĂ  acquistabile il regolamento in italiano?


  4. Thanks for that Sergio. How did your big battle go last week? We usually play 2 or 3 a side in our games so we'll usually be playing multi corps games.
    I changed the SDS rules to allow all players from one side to move simultaneously, but stopped figures from one player assisting another. This speeded things up without affecting the playability.

  5. Paolo,
    in italiano - se tutto va bene - potrebbe essere disponibile per fine novembre.
    the big battle went well, we played 3 Corps per side with 6mm figures (Battle of Raab).
    If you play the standard rules (a Division per side) you can give each player command of a brigade, and one can be also the CinC...

  6. Excellent news. Looking forward to them!