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Monday, July 5, 2010

Spilamberto tournament results

It was a great day yesterday at Spilamberto.
18 players from 7 different clubs, perfect timing (4th round ended at 4.45 PM) and the much needed air conditioning (39° Celsius outside)...
My congratulations to the Organizers of this Con for their kindness, efficiency and skill: all went smoothly and without any kind of inconvenient.
As for the results, once again Marco Gasbarri was the winner, but this time it was very tight (just 1 point more than his Club mate David Casagrande). Placing 3 out of 4 members in the first 3 places, the Club "Compagnia della Chimera" from Arezzo is clearly the strongest at the moment.
Here are the final results
1. Marco Gasbarri Arezzo 2390
2. David Casagrande Arezzo 2389
3. Alessandro Salini Arezzo 1873
4. Antonio Pietra Pavia 1612
5. Max Salvagnini Firenze 1537
6. Massimo Gaffuri Pavia 1435
7. Marco Coccia Terni 1375
8. Filippo Simoncini Firenze 1279
9. Fabio Ciofini Arezzo 1165
10. Massimo Moscarelli Roma 1098
11. Roberto Bagna LaSpezia 1003
12. Diego Chisena Roma 938
13. Walter Vegli Firenze 925
14. Maurizio Cisotto Pavia 887
15. Andrea Sfiligoi 622
16. Paolo Blasi Roma 514
17. Andrea Ferrini Firenze 433
18. Andrea Tognozzi Firenze 267

First 3 classified received a cup, and Alessandro Salini won the prize for the best painted couple of Squads. Pictures ASAP, stay tuned.... :)


  1. Can you post in the "ready made squads" some of the best winner tournament squad? from the last 2 tournament?

    I think will be good for all the normal players

    many thanks!


  2. Why not?
    I'll ask permission then I'll do it.

    thanks for the hint