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Monday, July 5, 2010

ACW 28mm miniatures

With the aim of enlarging my 61-65 Companies, I'm looking for miniatures producers in Europe (not in the US or Australia due to shipping costs). I've seen Foundry and Renegade but the former sells in big numbers and the latter does not accept Paypal. What I'd need is a company selling singles (like Front Rank for example).
Any hint?


  1. hi there Sergio, had a little look could only come up with Essex minatures, these are 25mm, but do look pretty on website.

    Thanks jeff

  2. Hi Jeff
    I've seen Essex, but it seems to me that they are true 25mm (maybe too small?)

  3. Hi Sergio,
    The Dixon's miniatures look greats!!!
    Take a look at:
    Thay accpet paypal payment
    This brand is distributed in Italy by Strategia e Tattica

    Marco Coccia

  4. Hi Sergio,

    Bit more research, come up with, Redoubt enterprises, very extensive range, including sperate heads. Also Crusader miniatures, not singles, but smaller packs.
    Hope this helps.

    Thanks Jeff

  5. Thank you guys!
    The research starts....... :)

  6. Hi guys!

    Another producer: Renegade miniatures...(UK)
    blister pack (8 miniatures) £6.95
    regiments (20 min. inf.;8 horses & riders) £11.95

    what do you think about?

    Marco Coccia