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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No words

After 2 weeks from my return from US, I still did not receive my luggage, which arrived in Rome on the 29th. Inside it, there are at least 7 squads for SDS, and the 2 ACW Companies I used for the demo of 61-65, PLUS a couple of Andrea's armies in 15mm.

I cannot find the words to express my frustration: I called 11 times and sent a compliance note without any result.......


  1. Next time use the dear old ship to go to America.
    Watch the Titanic, perhaps after 60 years and a bit wet, but have found their baggage!

  2. Sorry for your lose, hope you are reunited soon, but remember'parting is such sweet sorrow'

    Also be thankful you don't live in the UK as it would be lost for good, with such comments as ' what do you mean you can't get to Warsaw to collect you luggage'