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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My new Russian squad

Here it is. I had to post these pics earlier, but it was a really busy week....
All figures are from Mirliton: it's a "slim" range but I enjoyed painting the miniatures.
Next in line is my first Italian squad, I hope to paint it during the week end.

An Officer, an NCO, 2 Cuirassiers, a Standard bearer, a Drummer, 2 Pavlov Grenadiers and 8 line infantrymen, with 2 scratch-built buildings.


  1. Those are really great -- both the figures and the buildings. The buildings don't look scratch-built at all -- they look professional. Really excellent!

  2. Thank you Chris. I made them with extruded polystirene and cardboard. The house is not yet finished, I have to paint some details to make the wood lighter.