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Monday, March 8, 2010

My new Russian Squad

Not yet finished painting, but my rebjata wanted to fight yesterday :)

1 Officer, 1 NCO, 1 Standard Bearer, 1 Drummer, 5 Line Infantrymen, 1 Conscript infantry, 1 Pavlov (Elite Grenadier 58 points) Total: 400 points

I played against a "classic" Bavarian Schuetzen Squad of 8 figures, (see pic) all armed with Rifles. The beginning of the game was terrible for my boys: being fired upon (aimed shots) from 2Long range, I lost 2 soldiers after the first enemy fire (and 1 went down) and 2 other after a while. I was desperately trying to close but the Schuetzen did their job very well (go out of the wood > fire > back into the wood) and I had to test Morale for losses few turns afterwards. With a little luck none of my guys left (they rallied toward the flag) and I saw an opportunity: the Bavarian Officer was in the open, covered just by the heroic Drummer. I then risked a little using 3 activation dice for one of my infantrymen (3+ being in command), got 3 actions and fired an aimed shot to the Hornist. The unlucky musician was wounded, and the Officer was now exposed. It was time for my Pavlov Grenadier to close for hand to hand combat, which he did successfully, killing the Officer. Double Morale test for the bavarian player (Leader loss AND half squad) and the game was over...

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