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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tournament Rules

I've spent the last 2 days writing version 1.1 of the Tournament Rules. Several groups in Italy are testing them with great enthusiasm. I think I'm almost done, few more adjustment and they should be ready for the first *Official* tournament in march :)

I'm also very happy for the release of the last (and long waited) game of Ganesha: Flying Lead was released during the night and is enjoying a great success out there. For those of you who don't know FL, it is the GG skirmish game for all sort of clashes from - say - 1870 on...
Flying Lead is sold with 2 different cover design: one more *historical* (with a couple of WWII soldiers in the foreground) and one more *pulp* with some shooters on it, representing different kind of fighters (there's a couple of wonderful ladies also).
Rich Jones and Andrea Sfiligoi wrote the rules, look for more info in Ganesha Games website (link below).

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