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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A new French Squad

While trying the Tournament Rules, I came up with the following French squad, and it performed very well in a couple of occasions (but it was completely destroyed in a third). I thought it could be interesting to post it here.

French Mixed Squad

1 Infantry Officer, 1 Infantry NCO, 1 Drummer, 1 Standard bearer, 2 Line Grenadiers, 2 Cuirassiers. Total points 404.

The key to success is a wise use of the 2 Cuirassiers, that can give you victory if you spare them for a very crucial task, or defeat if you launch them forward without support (which is exactly what happened when this squad was badly beaten). In Tournament play, being the defender with this squad will require a table with some heavy cover in the middle (to let the infantry advance) and as much as possible open flanks, to exploit the speed of the cavalrymen.

If the opponent is the defender, he’ll probably use some woods to be protected from cavalry charges. If he does so, use the NCO and the 2 Grenadiers to attack him into the woods.


  1. As far as I understood from this and the other articles on this page, it is possibile to have a 404 points squad. How can I manage the limit of 400? I mean, is there a threshold tollerance on this limit?
    Thx in advance for you answer

  2. It seems that the rules aren't applied if you are the game's designer... :-)