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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Con in La Spezia

It was a very nice week end in La Spezia (not considering weather conditions). You can see some pictures here:
scroll down and you'll see me playing (and the little girl - Paola - won her battle :)
The boys of WASP Club have organised a very nice (if small) meeting with a DBA Tournament valid for National DBA Championship.
I demoed SDS and played some games with already experienced players, and also discussed some Tournament rules with them.
BTW - it seems we'll have at least 4 tournaments in Italy till the end of the year. I'll keep you informed here in the blog.


  1. Hi

    Great pictures.
    I noticed your demo boars look smaller than 90x90cm - are they 60x90? if so how do you find the game plays on that size table ?

  2. Rob
    that was an improvised table (around 60x120) and I used only a part of it, as I could not bring my "usual" 90x90 table. On a small table like this (good for 15mm) the immediate effect is a shorter game, as models tend to flee off the table edge quicker (which is not bad for demo games :)