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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What's going on...

February should be a busy month.
Encouraged by the last couple of weeks activities and support from my fellow gamers, I am writing a supplement for DSLB. It will contain:
- rules for multiplayer big Battles (1 Corps per side);
- a simple Campaign system;
- Lists for Minor Countries;
- some new rules
- Errata, rulings and clarifications (these will be available also as a free download somewhere).
90% of the above is already written, and currently being tested.
No title yet: any suggestion?

Don't be shy..... :)


  1. Drum, Shakos, Marshals, & Emperors



  2. More Drum and Shakos Large battles (well its consistent!)

  3. As your moving up to corps level: D&S Very Large Battles
    You know it makes sense :-)

  4. Thank you for the suggestions! What puzzles me is that this supplement contains several (and different) new features.... anyway, keep on suggesting!

  5. DSLB: On the campaign trail
    DSLB: Forward Campaign!
    DSLB: campaign dress


    1. La butto lì....Drums & Shako Large Supplement ;p

  6. Not really related to the name but the rules clarifications while writing them...

    Opinions, or observations that we have came to believe that need some tuning for more enjoyable games:

    - Perhaps artillery of this period should not be able to fire over own troops and should always pick closest target [I am aware of the reasoning, but actually that would be the terrain makers problem to build proper elevations :) ].

    - Battery fire of the period wasn't really that effective and should probably not be able to rout entire battalions. DIS 3 should really be highest attainable.

    Additionally, it would be very nice to have we defined and solid command structure for multiplayer games (and or corps level), where information would not travel freely between commanders.

    While at that, we have found out that if one suffers from limited space, DSLB can be played very well with two base arrangements (for example battalion / regiment consisting 2x 30x30mm bases). Only tuning needed is to reduce artillery battery to 30x30mm and to reduce the proximity rule to 10mm.

  7. Anonymous,
    regarding artillery (both hints) please play that way if you feel it is better. I have already explained why I did it so, and feel OK with the rule as it is.
    Multiplayer rules and Command structure will be in the supplement.
    Of course DSLB can be played with 2 bases even if march and attack columns cannot be distinguished...

  8. Un qualcosa del tipo "Tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere su DSLB e non avete mai osato chiedere" o per semplicitĂ  "SDLB opera omnia"

  9. Hi Sergio, Great rulesset however we find the interpenetration too liberal esp for "engaged" Cuirrasiers charging thru a battered battalion. Any ideas for making this harder to achieve,

  10. ...limit the interpenetration to unit at DIS 2 or less?

    1. Ciao Sergio!
      come va? spero tutto bene, ma immagino sarai come tanti/tutti vagamente preso dalle facezie della vita quotidiana...lavoro, famiglia, ecc. ugualmente oso chiedere... A che punto sono i meravigliosi progetti dei quali parlavi ad inizio anno??? Non vedo l'ora di leggere la nuova espanzione per DSLB... ;-)

  11. Are there any errata or clarifications online anywhere at this point ?


  12. Wondering if the additional supplement is going to materialize sometime? It has been year already and while waiting, started to devise self made rules for command structure.