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Sunday, February 9, 2014

DSLB batrep (with pics!)

Fabrizio and his group of players are staging a 1815 Campaign in these early months of 2014. They play with 1/72 figures on a very nice battlefield. After their last battle (last week) Fabrizio was so kind to send me some pictures and a quick batrep.

At game start, the French win the initiative and occupy the village in the centre of the battlefield. Unfortunately, a quick turnover prevents them to properly support their avant garde.

The British counterattack and succeed in taking one of the village's sector at a heavy cost.

The French are unable to keep the pressure, and the British stabilize a front line and advancig on the right, destroying a French battery. The French withdraw to secure positions.

The situation for the French is critical, and they try to relieve the pressure with some cavalry charges... to no avail.

A strong attack on the French left. The Imperial division seems to be on the eve of collapse.

One final counterattack by the French gets no results, and the game is over due to the break of the French forces (10 BP vs 7).

A special thanks to Fabrizio and his guys for the pics!