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Monday, May 13, 2013

Back from

A fine week end in the Republic of S.Marino for another edition of The Con was held a usual in the Congess Centre of the Best Western Hotel Palace, on 2 different floors: at ground level the boardgames and the wargames at 1st floor. This edition (the 3rd in S.Marino, after many held in Crema University) produced mixed feelings: on one side I think that  - as a wargamer - I could find everything I expect from a Convention. Miniatures, accessories, terrain elements for building scenarios, nice tables, participation games, rules, books and a big Bring & Buy. The down side was probably the number of visitors, not comparable with last editions. The economic crisis certainly bites and this could be one of the reasons people decided to skip this edition.
Anyway, being there as a normal visitor again (after Agliana) i tried a couple of games, spent some money and met with pleasure Mark from Stonewall Figures who - together with Magister Militum and Worean - were the 3 foreign exhibitors of the Con.
One of the best table IMO was an ACW scenario in 28 mm, representing a part of the battle of Gettysburg. I took a couple of pics of it (below).
Above, the table from the US side...
And the yelling Rebels about to attack.
Saturday afternoon I was invited by my fellow ARSM Club members  (Maurizio and Mauro) to play a SYW battle using Minden Rose ruleset, and I accepted with pleasure.
I was given command of the right wing, and the order to attack the Austrian line with my brigade of Grenadiers. I obeyed orders and mission was accomplished...
While my Cavalry held against the Austrian Cavalry (on the hill), my 4 Battalions brigade of Grenadiers broke the Austrians near an "L-shaped" hedge. In the above picture you can see a couple of routing Austrian Battalions pushed by my Grenadiers, and that was the crucial moment of the battle.

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