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Monday, May 20, 2013

100.000 page views!!!

During the week end this blog reached the 100.000 page views, a result I would never predict 4 years ago when I started. I want to thank all wargamers and friends from all over the World for this achievement. To celebrate the event, I will soon post a complete batrep of Drums and Shakos Large Battle on my new terrain (French vs. Russians) and here is a picture of my last week end activity...
My first attempt at painting 1:2400 ships was quite successful, and the Age of Sail game I had in mind since long took shape in less than 2 days. I want to thank Fabrizio Passatempi for the inspiration he gave me during the S. Marino Con last week end, when I played a sort of Star Trek game with starships, moving on a hexagonal grid.
Once again, thank you for reading and keep following this blog

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