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Friday, April 12, 2013

Next sunday: HELLANA Con in Agliana

After a long time I will attend a Convention (Hellana 2013 in Agliana) as a visitor. After so many conventions where I demoed some of my games, this year I decided to take a break and have a table just in a couple of events. Therefore I will take along some old boxes of minis to sell at the Bring & Buy, and maybe try some games in the participation tables available.
I have to buy some flock for my next project, and hope to find a retailer who carries Woodland Scenics.
As usual, painted minis at good price are always a target for me, and finally... trees!
If I'll find nice trees at reasonable price, I'll buy a lot of them. I like the ones I make (you can see some of them in the picture above) but they require a lot of work.
Andrea will come with me, and we'll find many of our friends there (btw there will be a DBA Tournament during the Con). Maybe it will be an occasion to talk about future Big Battles here in Terni, as the one I organised in december last year.

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