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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back from Hellana 2013

A wonderful weather for a nice day as a normal visitor to Hellana 2013 Con in Agliana.
I met a lot of friends, sold something at the Bring & Buy, and found everything I was looking for. A very positive balance indeed. I took some pictures (some of the tables were really intriguing).
Battle of Nikolaevka, WW II Russian front (with an Alpini cap) Rapid Fire rules.
Naval, WW I, Bombardment of Ancona Port by the Austrian Navy (nice clouds :).
Byzantines and Goths at the Gates of Rome. Rules: Comitatus.
Aster Wargames Stand, where I spent almost all my budget (reinforced by my Bring & Buy sales).
The traditional DBA Tournament (a bunch of friends I always meet with great joy).
And finally, my purchases: a truck of flock for my next project (I'll write a post about it soon)....
Clumps of grass and more trees...
An assortment of bases for my Cavalry, Artillery and AdCs....
And finally, "Might and Reason" by Sam Mustafa (yes, it's SYW time here).
A great day, and a lot of fuel for my imagination....


  1. Piccola correzione:
    Lo scenario navale nella seconda foto, rappresentava il bombardamento di Ancona da parte della flotta austriaca durante la I GM.
    Might and Reason è un bel regolamento.


  2. Oooopps.... correggo subito.
    Ciao Roberto!