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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SDS Tournament Rules translated

I just finished the translation of the Tournament Rules for Song of Drums & Shakos.
The current version (3.0) comes from 2 years of gaming here in Italy and over 200 games played.
A word of warning: the game plays differently in Tournament due to these rules.
Every player needs 2 squads, one from the French pool and one from the Allied pool. Only historically consistent clashes are allowed. Squad composition has some constraints, originating from few killer squads that appeared during the 2010 Italian National Championship.
The rules are based on 4 rounds swiss style tourneys and the pairing off is regulated so that you always play against a historical enemy.
Organizers are kindly requested to contact me if they need some support.
The rules will be edited shortly and then will be available in some form (pdf download from the Gamesha website?). I'll let you know...


  1. I'm very interested in seing those tournament rules. Hope to see them soon.

  2. We are also waiting for them here in Denver, Colorado. Dan

  3. No news about this translation ?

  4. Sorry for late reply I did not notice the new comments. The rules ARE translated but not edited or proofreaded. I'll ask more details to Andrea and write a new post soon...

  5. Excellent. Happy to hear that.

  6. Hello Sergio,

    where can I download the english errata/tournament rules for SDS? There are some paragraphs in the rules, which could be clarified. Shooting in/out of woods; cavalry charge against infantry; musician and group "move"; order of group action within the possible three actions of a group;

    Many thanks for your rules, which brought me to playing the Napoleonic period