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Saturday, December 3, 2011

DS LB update

The Italian version is at the finishing state of pagesetting (Andrea is doing a great job), and I am completing the draft of the English translation (4 pages left). Today we have another meeting for deciding the final details, and I hope to have the (Italian) printed version and pdf for Christmas.
English version should follow, but editing and proofreading could take some time.

Drums and Shakos Large Battles will be the first full color historical game by Ganesha (with an ink saving pdf version) and many of my miniatures will be displayed in the pictures. It required some 3 years of work and is by far the longest project I ever made.


  1. If you need any more help proofreading the english version, I'd be happy to help.

  2. Thank you Malcom, I'll ask Andrea if we need some additional help.

  3. ma lo hai pensato anche per i 28mm o è solo per 15mm?
    te lo chiedo perchè i miei rangi derivati da SDS si sono ingrossati e speravo di poter giocare qualcosa della stessa scala di 61-65, ma dalle tue anteprime mi sembra che DS LB sia qualcosa di diverso.

  4. Se hai un tavolo da 180x240 lo puoi giocare anche con i 28 mm. Ma parliamo di MOLTE più figure di 6165...