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Monday, May 23, 2011

An old project coming to life

While driving back from S. Marino last week, Andrea and me talked about a 2008 project of a game I designed in 2002 while I was living in Bologna. The game is a simple WW II tank combat at platoon level. In Bologna, we played with it an entire winter at the Club, and I remember I painted some 30 tanks in 1/72 scale. Now that WW II gaming has a larger audience, thanks to games like Flames of War and the like, and 15mm tanks are at hand in great quantity and assortment, we decided to revive the 2008 project of releasing it.
At that time, we took the rules as they were and sent them out to 3-4 playtest teams, but then we were busy with other games and did not follow up.
Now we'll do it.
Since a week, I am re writing the rules (simplifying here and there some concepts and using the experience made with other Ganesha Games) and testing the changes with Andrea and some other friends. The aim is to release the game at the end of summer this year.

STEEL JUGGERNAUTS (that's the name of the game) will be completely different from other Ganesha games, and will be one of a series of games Andrea, me, and other authors will propose to our audience. All fast-play, easy to learn games with some innovative game mechanics.
I hope you'll enjoy it....


  1. mmm... do you need a playtester?

    Max ( Ludus in Fabula )

  2. let us also add that the fine guys at plastic soldier company agreed to give us a few of their 15 mm tanks for a cross promotion deal,so we will be using their models to demo the game.

    ok, as soon as possible I will trasfer myself in Terni to play Song of Spear and Shield and Steel Juggernauts, day after day...

  4. Massimo,
    you are always welcome mate!