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Thursday, May 19, 2011 in San Marino (1)

As you probably know, this year was held in the Republic of San Marino from 14th to 15th may.
Andrea and me where there with a couple of tables, where I demoed 6165 (both in ACW and Napoleonic version) and Andrea playtested the last version of Song of Spears and Shields (the Ancient large skirmish game from Ganesha soon to be published).
In this post however I want to show you an amazing table created by 2 of our fans: Massimo Masini (above, left) and Fabrizio Passatempi (above, right), who organized a participation game based on a SDS scenario in Spain. Above, a view of the table, built from scratch by Massimo.
To be fully portable, the table has two big wooden boxes that - once the table is assembled - are used as drawers and as support for two dice towers (one per side). Below you can see the legs.
The 90x90 cm. gaming table was also very nice, with 3 scratch built houses and a lot of trees..

A close up view on the French squad entering the table. The mission objective for the frogs was to capture some livestock (with or without the permission of the spanish owners). The lobsters (and their Portuguese allies) had to stop them. Fabrizio designed the scenario.
A view from a different angle. You can appreciate the quality of the buildings (wood and balsa) made by Massimo.
A close up on the dice tower, a very useful add-on for such a crowded table....
As it was predictable, Massimo and Fabrizio won the prize for the best scenario, and here they proudly show their medal. BTW, the table was always busy during the 2 days of the show, and many people tried SDS. Great job mates!


  1. thanks so much... just a little clarification, the gaming surface was 90x90 cm...